The Callas with Lee Ranaldo Acid Books

Ah, The Callas They did it again. (more) post punk and electric waves on their eclectic way. Νευρικό, καταρρακτώδες, vibrating  and glorious , χωρίς περιστροφές , up to the point.

Ιn the end of the day (some might say)  it’s a  rock’ n’ roll conspiracy with all good intentions. It sounds great.

The  Callas _ our favorite art punk ensemble, from Athens Greece, write songs to be heard around the world.

Aris vocals/guitar, Lakis bass/vocals, Chrisanthy  drums/vocals, Marilena percussions, Chris guitar.

They also have friends in high places ?

Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth’ s always young man) teams up with them again * Athens calling New York * and the sound needs no interpretation.

Δηλαδή αυτό:

Raw beauty, full of passion.  The recipe (if there ever was one),  still the same, explosive material included.

And Acid Book is the first track from the upcoming album, Trouble and Desire /due out October 26th via Inner Ear Records/ Dirty Water Records.

Και κάτι ακόμη τελευταίο, γι ‘αρχή:

Α question: Do you sleep at night?